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Istarted the site primarily to place a paper on Teacher’sIncrement Costs on the Web so that it could get maximum exposre.  Over time I added a paper on Obamacare as the ACA was in itsinfancy. I then added a paper on my genealogy. Recently as issues of Fake News and Russian hacking came to the forefront I wrote a paper titled “Mathematics Shows That Fake News Elected Trump as President. “As the national and international fury arose over the Trump Executive Order on   Extreme Vetting (also known as theMuslim Ban) I was moved to think of how concern   for security led to catastrophic events for my own ancestry in North  America. That led to the paper that is now first in the sequence. I have reordered the sequencing of the various papers. Currently my site has ten entries as follows:

1.Trump: the Muslim Ban and the Lessons of History- The Historical Clash Between Security and  Human Rights

2. About the Author

3. Mathematics Shows That Fake News Elected Trump as President

4. Misleading Polls in Public’s Views on Obamacare

5 A Simple Analogy for Understanding the Cost of Steps

6. Fallacy of Required “New Money” to Fund TeacherIncrements and Other Progressive Pay Systems

7. Fallacy OFIncrement Costs-Experience In Jefferson County, Kentucky

8. Increment  (Progressive Pay )  Cost Misperception-Power Point Presentation

9.  An Analysis of Harford County Education Budgeting and Expenditureson Wages and Sa;aries for Fiscal Years2009 to 2014 and the Implications for “No New Money Needed to Fund Increments”

10. Breaux Family Vignette

Each entry has a brief summary followed by a file with the details . The entries can be accessed by scrolling forward.

The Trump Muslim Ban Paper and the Fake News paper contain an abstract paragraph as the brief summary.

Regarding the ACA or Obamacare

The paper was written at the initiation of the ACA and discussed the issues of the time with a focuson the forces seeking to kill the initiative. While dated its message is timelygiven the effort underway to Repeal and Replace.

Regarding Progressive Pay and Teacher Increments:

My beef is that school districts, with special emphasison Harford County Maryland PublicSchools (HCPS), have for yearsmischaracterized or misinterpreted the required “new money” costs forproviding progressive pay [increments,longevity and lane change(ILL)]. Asimilar situation is true for other County employees, including deputy sheriffs, library workers,Community college staff. Overstating thecosts has provided a rationale for withholding progressive pay in five of thelast six years for teachers and seven out of eight years for deputy sheriffs. I address this issue in depth and assert thatturnover (from retirements and dropouts) is an integral part of the dynamics ofprogressive pay and establish with a detailed model and extensive parametricanalysis that the projected payrollchanges arising from providing ILL isbounded by + or minus .5% (1/2 percent) of reference year payroll given the same number of Full Time Equivalents(FTE’s).

The paper (7th entry below) titled “ Fallacy of Required….” is long, largely because of the extensiveinput data and parametric analysis that I included. However, the subject is so important that Ithink addressing it in detail should (hopefully) be of value not only in mylocal County but nationally. If you areskeptical of my thesis I particularlyrecommend you read Appendix B, page 76, in the paper and my correspondence withBrent McKim in the 8th entry listed below.

I would appreciate any comments.

Harold Breaux February 1, , 2017